Theo & Lizzy

Theo & Lizzy is a project I’m working on in my spare time. The games is a fast paced 2D platformer in a similar vein to Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Meat boy.

  • Designing each zone of the world, taking into consideration narrative and colour palette (a core part of the game).
  • Creating player abilities and environmental hazards and planning how they work together. (Theo is a able to dash which gives him a increase in speed over a short distance and some levels feature smash-able walls that the player can only pass if they dash through them).
  • Creating “1 shot” levels, each level featuring a set of obstacles for the players to navigate taking into account the zone of the game they fall into and what abilities the player will have access too.


Below is a zone palette test. I created this to define the colours of each zone, I wanted to make sure each was recognisable at a glance and fitted in with the overall theme of the game.

Camera Zoom Out Class

During play testing I noticed some area that could be utilised as vistas but faced the problem of how to display a vista in a 2D side scroller.

The solution I came up with was to hijack the camera in key areas and adjust the zoom to background objects that were previously too large for the player to see.

In the level below as the player runs down the final straight I use this script to zoom the camera out revealing the giant statue in the background.

Below is the class used to control the cam zoom.

  1. This integer controls the distance the camera zooms (orthographic size) is changed to.
  2. This function tracks when the player has entered the trigger volume the script is attached to. When another collider enters this volume I record it in the variable “other”. If the collider belongs to the gameobject tagged with “player” I adjust the cameras orthographic size to get it to zoom.
  3. In this function I track when the player leaves the volume and reset the orthographic size to 55, which is default.


Level layout designs in editor.